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Welcome to Banden. The website of game reviews, cheats, polls, videos and news of the newest and latest games that are out there. Our website also try's to contain all the things you would expect on a gaming website. So if we have missed anything out that you think should be on our website then just go to our contact page and contact us.

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This website is a very new one so we would appreciate it if you kept coming back and voting on polls and using our videos and cheats to see through your favourite games. You can also see great walkthrough's and reviews to the very best games that meet our from 1 to 10 scale of how good the games are.

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The All New Chatroom

05/12/2011 17:37
The all new chatroom is now up and running for any one of you that visits our website. Give it a go and if you like it or you think it needs improvements then just give us feedback on our feedback page or just email us at mikebrough15@aol.co.uk or mikebrough20@aol.co.uk. You can also create your...

Are You A Facebook Follower!!!!!

05/12/2011 16:28
You can like our website by just simply clicking the facebook like button on our home page. You can also tweet our website and you can even recommend it to google or like it by Gmail. We have around about 90 views and keep visiting our website so that number keeps going up. We need all the...

I Am Alive - Coming Soon

01/12/2011 07:59
What do you think of i am alive on XBOX 360 and PS3. Banden thinks it looks awesome and the trailer which is on our videos page looks great. But we want to know what you think of i am alive, You can just simply contact us or just leave us a comment on the feedback page. But the graphics in i am...
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